BizPad Technologies

BizPad Technologies

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What we do

  • Augmented Reality

  • Mixed Reality

  • Real Signz

Augmented Reality (AR) gives you the ability to blend the digital world and the real world through your mobile device. The possibilities are endless!

Mixed Reality (MR) brings people, places, and objects from your physical and digital worlds together. This blended environment becomes your canvas, where you can create and enjoy a wide range of experiences.

Is it important for you as a business or as an individual to set yourself apart from the competition? To standout in the crowd? To make yourself or your valuable advertising material easily available? Then BizPad Technologies Real Signz and Real Cardz are you answer!

Who we are

Holograms enhance the real world!
Interacting with holograms in mixed reality enables you to visualize and work with your digital content as part of your real world. BizPad uses the Microsoft HoloLens to show its clients how this technology can improve their business processes in ways that they could not imagine.

Augmented Reality is a new way to use technology that transforms how you work, learn, play, and connect with almost everything around you. BizPad is a company using this technology to help our clients advertise and sell their products, teach their skills, and market themselves in ways that they did not know were possible until just now.

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